Polyurethane Dome Labels

Enhance your brand and accentuate your message with eye-catching, wear-resisting dome labels and 3D decals from TLP. Tough, durable, crystal-clear, polyurethane dome covers and protects the crisp, vibrant custom graphics below.

Dome Label Production Example 1

Scratch, scuff and weather resistant, domed labels can be used indoors or out and are available with permanent adhesive or magnet backing. TLP’s capabilities ensure great dome label results with special attention given to each component:

  1. Polyurethane dome. TLP’s crystal-clear, two-part polyurethane resin is UV resistant, non-yellowing and scratch resistant as well as automotive grade material – the best available on the market today.
  2. Printed ink.  Crisp, vibrant, color matched graphics are possible using digitally printed inks.
  3. Graphic base material. Our advanced digital printing capabilities allow for crisp, full-color graphics without expensive plate and die charges.
  4. High tack adhesive. We use high tack, permanent acrylic adhesive, which is excellent for smooth plastics, polished metals, glass and much more.
  5. Liner back or magnet layer. Select from paper or film liners based on your application or choose a magnetic back.

Advantages for Your Application

  • Excellent impact resistance
  • Attractive 3D appearance
  • Won’t yellow
  • Flexibility to match special size or shape

Ideal for Markets Including:

  • Point of purchase
  • Product identification

Polyurethane Dome Labels