Using Polycarbonate Laminate For: Lexan™ Labels, Durable Nameplates
& Overlays

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Lexan™ Labels
Functional & Attractive. 

Lexan™ polycarbonate laminate is a preferred material when it comes to durable nameplate and label applications. Lexan™ Nameplate Labels are the perfect fit for applications that take a lot of wear and tear due to extreme temperatures & harsh weather conditions making them both functional & attractive.

Advantages of Lexan™Labels
Polycarbonate Labels:

Lexan™ polycarbonate nameplates provide chemical and abrasion resistance, making it ideal for a variety of applications. TLP can custom pair polycarbonate overlaminate with ultra-aggressive adhesive labeling solutions for powder coat and rough surfaces. The material offers exceptional resistance to scratches, scuffs, and fingerprints.

Polycarbonate Laminate, Polycarbonate Labels, Lexan Labels, Polycarbonate Labels Manufacturer, Lexan Polycarbonate, Custom Lexan Labels, Lexan Polycarbonate Labels, Tailored Label Products, TLPBeyond the durability and performance characteristics of the product, Lexan™ labels provide a unique, decorative look for any product branding labels. With a variety of finishes available (gloss, matte, velvet) and a variety of mil thicknesses, using a polycarbonate overlaminate can provide your product label a textured, velvet finish or a crisp, glossy shine.

Polycarbonate Laminate

Ideal Markets & Applications:

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Lexan™ labels made of polycarbonate laminate are perfect for applications such as riding mowers or outdoor power equipment where branding marks and warning labels must uphold their graphics.

TLP specializes in custom Lexan™ labels for outdoor power equipment, appliances, cars, trucks and other vehicles, along with heavy and light equipment applications.

Polycarbonate laminate can also be considered for Lexan Labels & nameplates that must:

  • Meet ANSI and other regulatory requirements
  • Survive extreme temperatures and harsh climates
  • Endure submersion in water
  • Survive oily, dirty or chemically abrasive environment