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Label Adhesive Testing Standards

Driving Precision Through In-House Label Lab

TLP is positioned to solve your label and adhesive challenges. It starts with an innovative engineering mindset, and is backed by rigorous in-house design and testing capabilities.

The capabilities of the TLP Quality & Engineering Lab integrate throughout the product development process, and are supported and reviewed through our ISO and IATF Certified Quality Management System.

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TLP On-Site Label Testing: Weatherization Chamber, Peel Test, Dimensional Measurement

Methods & Testing for Adhesive Labels

  • Design and process reviews. It’s more than a final check before a product goes out the door. It’s an integral part of the process from the moment you contact us through its use in your specific application.
  • Thorough documentation. We complete, when requested, Production Part Approval Process (PPAP), Article of Inspection, and material certification documentation. We also can prepare letters for RoHS, WEEE and more.
  • Exacting measurements. A digital optical comparator helps ensure consistency by allowing high-resolution snapshots of various labels for comparison using precise geometry.
  • Color consistency. To support the highest quality standards, a spectrophotometer enables sharp analysis of colors, fine text, shadows, highlight details and opacity of the labels.
  • Durability tests. TLP ensures labels and adhesives can endure your most hostile environments through the Taber Abraser abrasion resistance testing, strain measurement for shear, tensile and peel strength of adhesive layers between rigid surfaces, accelerated aging, science scope magnification, and other testing methods.
  • Engineering analyses. TLP engineers provide First Article Inspection (FAI) of part geometry, Initial Sample Inspection Report (ISIR, a pre-prototype specification analysis) and other proven quality assurance services.  Analyses can be turned into a Certificate Of Analyses if needed.

Label Adhesive Testing Standards

Each project, application and customer is unique, but TLP’s on-site testing lab is here to help ensure your standards are met. Here’s just a small list of the standards we’ve tested to:

  • Variety of UL Standards including UL 969
  • ANSI Warning Standards
  • UDI / MDR Variable Print Standards
  • CARB / Emissions Labels Standards
  • In addition, we test to customer specific standards regarding adhesion, weathering, heat resistance, temperature cycling, moisture and water resistance, and a variety of chemical exposures.