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Screen Printing Labels at Tailored Label Products

Tailored Label Products offers screen print labels & graphics in addition to our flexographic and digital technologies. Screen print labels are durable for both indoor and outdoor applications. TLP uses the most durable materials & weather resistant inks.

Screen printing maintains your company’s corporate identity and product warning information, virtually eliminating the chance of fading or damage due to harsh environments or extreme weather conditions.

Screen Printing Labels: The Basics

The screen print label process includes a woven mesh or screen. A negative image of the art is transposed to the screen until it is set. The screen is then loaded onto a press and the ink is flooded over the set image and transferred onto the substrate using a squeegee. Labels are then sent through a drying cycle and the process is repeated for each printed color. Typical label materials include polyester, polycarbonates, PVC and vinyl.

Why Choose Screen Printing?

Why consider screen print labels over the use of digital or flexographic print?  The process of screen printing uses much thicker inks that are extremely vivid. More so than inks used in a digital or flexographic process. Additionally, screen printed labels are considered harsh environment labels and are abrasion resistant, able to withstand the harshest outdoor environment. They are also used when chemical resistant labels are required. 

Applications for Screen Printed Labels:

  • Warning & Safety Decals: Outdoor warning & safety labels or signs are extremely important. If your labels are not designed properly, they will chip or fade. TLP also ensures your ANSI warning label will follow the ANSI label standards & guidelines.
  • Branding Labels: The perfect place to showcase your corporate identity is using screen printed branding labels. They are heavy duty labels used in a wide range of businesses including, snow removal, utilities, law enforcement, hospitals and restaurants just to name a few!
  • Graphic Overlays
  • Harsh Environment Labels 

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