Custom Die Cuts Include:
Die Cut Adhesive, Specialty Die Cut Labels
& Die Cut Foam

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Die cut components and adhesive bonding solutions provide you with precise parts that can be used to identify components, bond materials or protect parts and accessories.

Turn to TLP for specialized expertise that ensure the best results for adhesive bonding components, working with sandpaper, Lexan®, single-coated or double-sided foam tapes, as well as many other industrial and medical tapes, transfer adhesives, high and low temperature adhesives and gasketing materials.

Application Examples for Specialty Die Cut Labels & Specialty Adhesives:

  • Gaskets and Seals
  • Adhesives and Bonding
  • Cushing / Shock Vibration
  • Sound Dampening
  • EMI / RFI Shielding
  • Conductors / Insulators
  • Critical Edge Masking
  • Protective Films
  • Filters / Covers

Application Examples by Industry:

  • Transportation: Replace rivets in truck panel assemblies.
  • Construction: Hold up to 9,600 pounds of mirrored ceiling in an international air terminal.
  • Electronics: Bond batteries to the backs of integrated circuits to help absorb shock if dropped.
  • Fabrication: Bond multiple components in water resistant video cameras to seal out water leakage.
  • Signage: No more screw, bolt or rivet fastening sign panels to box stiffeners.
  • Appliances: Bond and seal many material combinations in hot or cold applications.


Die Cut Adhesives & Foams

How do I know which adhesive to use for my application?

There are hundreds of different options to choose from.  Some are very thin while others are thick, double-sided foams. Tailored Label Products also can provide specialty adhesives designed to meet your application.  We have the expertise to help choose the best bonding solution based upon asking very specific questions to narrow down an appropriate adhesive solution.  Once we get close, we provide multiple options along with samples that can be tested at the customer and in our engineering lab.

Will the adhesive be strong enough to hold for the life of my application?

Adhesives are very strong and are meant to hold on permanently.  They can be used to bond a display screen in a vehicle or electronic component.  They can replace a rivet or screw and actually hold better than a mechanical bond as they will not work loose like a rivet can over time.

Can die cut foams be used to seal out moisture?

One or two-sided die cut foams are a great option for sealing.  They can be used to seal out moisture and dust along with providing anti-vibration properties if used on an appliance or even a motorcycle.  There are many different types of foams and our application engineers can help figure out the best solution for your project.

Advantages of Die Cut Adhesive:

  • 3D CAD model of a TLP Gasket Die Cut Adhesive, Specialty Die Cut LabelsTension dispersed along the length of bond instead of concentrated in several places (as with rivets or screws)
  • Ability to expand and contract in heat and cold, instead of becoming brittle like rivets and welds
  • Clean, sleek appearance
  • Perfect for use in automated assembly

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