Tamper Evident Labels

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TLP is a proven leader in the marketplace for your security label needs.

Options include tamper evident labels such as VOID labels, destructible vinyl labels that destroy and flake upon tampering and custom destruct pattern labels. Each of these custom offerings  provides you the ultimate security in protecting your brand from counterfeiting, theft and misuse.

VOID Labels / Tamper Proof Labels

VOID Labels are hidden-word pressure sensitive labels that have the word “VOID” or a checkerboard pattern visible when the label has been broken or removed.  A VOID label can often be seen on bottles or jars or on product brand markings. Once the label has been lifted, it cannot be reapplied without noticing the VOID / Checkerboard pattern.

Destructible Labels / Tamper Evident Labels

TLP also offers a variety of destructible labels. These tamper proof labels are made with a destructible vinyl that cannot be removed without it chipping away ultimately destroying the product label. Similar to VOID labels, It’s obvious if an attempt to remove the label has been made.


Tamper Proof Labels / Security Labels

Can TLP create a Tamper Evident Label?

Yes.  TLP can manufacture tamper evident labels using a variety of base materials and dies to create the type of tamper evident label you are looking for.

I am looking for tamper evident security labels for my project, is there only one type of tamper proof label to choose from?

 TLP can help you create a tamper evident label that can either destruct as you are attempting to remove the label or leave a special marking or VOID pattern behind after the label has been removed.

I need a tamper evident label, do they come in different colors and materials?

Yes.  TLP has a wide variety of colors and materials to suit your specific application or label need. Options include, but are not limited to, silver and white VOID or Checkerboard patterns, white destructible vinyls, security ink print and a variety of fully custom options. Please click on “Request a Quote” at the top of the page and we will be happy to review your project, answer your questions and submit a timely quotation if you would like.

Custom Security Labels

Using specialized varnishes, inks and technologies.

In addition to the more traditional VOID and destructible vinyl tamper evident labels discussed above, TLP Engineers have co-developed unique anti-counterfeiting options with many of our customers. Options include specialized inks and varnishes (black light, etc)  that can be used as identifiers on packages or tamper evident security labels, along with a variety of custom designed security cuts placed within harsh environment labels. Continued development in covert and overt technologies lead to further options for brand protection including combinations of the above materials with holographic options, variable print, and unique ink components.

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