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Dome labels & Custom Domed Decals For Flexibility & Durability

Custom Domed Decals For Automotive Labeling

A simple search for domed labels can result in a variety of options from domed stickers for promotional projects to sourced labels from a variety of suppliers. TLP’s engineered experience is what sets us apart in this somewhat crowded market. TLP manufactures dome labels on-site at our Menomonee Falls headquarters.

We have the ability to adapt to application requirements and the experience to point us in the right direction.

CHALLENGE: Difficult Application Surface, Difficult Application Environment

In true coincidence, two manufacturers of automotive floor mats came to TLP in tandem for help in their branded, domed decals. Requiring more engineering support than a standard sticker, both OEMs had critical test standards to measure success.

Similar to a Venn diagram, while each application was unique in their own ways, both had overlapping needs and similar challenges. A low surface energy application surface (plastic/rubber) requiring aggressive adhesive and a product environment prone to movement requiring durable flexibility were the two constant challenges across the applications.

SOLUTION: Experience & Custom Manufacturing for a Custom Product

As timing had it, the ability to test, alter and test again benefited both manufacturers. TLP’s on-site engineering, design and testing lab provided for continued improvement and adaptability for the final product. While experience in one test, aided the other, the final custom domed decals were slightly different for each application.

In both cases, introducing a new material and transfer adhesive provided the strength in adhesion needed to maintain the label bond. For the flexibility requirement, the TLP team tested and approved a new ratio of doming compound chemistry providing for the flexible movement while not sacrificing the strength and durability of the dome. Testing in each case provided the quantitative results to confidently introduce a new branding decal to each of the floor mats.

Tailored Label Products has built a reputation for custom engineered label and adhesive solutions. And while each application is unique, our experience can be applied across industries, projects and parts. 

Tailored Success


TLP has years of overwhelming experience and know-how, gained from working with a variety of manufacturing companies across many industries.


When we say 100% custom, we mean it. Tailored Label has the ability to adapt, adjust and modify our manufacturing process to meet a customer’s unique demands.


Quantitative testing to ensure performance.