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Industrial Label Design & Engineering

Label Adhesives, Custom Label Design, Industrial Labeling, Graphic Design Label

TLP Engineering Specifying Manufacturing Process

We are an engineering-based company that happens to manufacture labels and die cut adhesives.

With over 10 patents, our engineering staff has the ability, technical expertise and innovative mindset it takes to address your most complex label engineering challenges.

Our engineering team is comprised label and adhesive experts, including on-site mechanical and electrical engineers, who are trained and experienced to look at your application from the ground up.

What’s unique about TLP is we don’t just rely on one, defined way to create your product. Rather, we mix and match production technologies through smarter design, ultimately providing customers with a custom built label design.

Custom Label Design & Unique Label Adhesives

Whether you need a high-performance label, advanced die cut adhesive or a complex prototype, we ask the right questions to pinpoint your application objectives and precise requirements. Taking a high-level approach that addresses not only the label, but how it must function in its environment, we continuously seek better answers through smarter technology and design.

TLP Toolbox for Industrial Labeling

Label Adhesives, Custom Label Design, Industrial Labeling, Graphic Design Label

TLP Engineering – Custom Label Design Press Check

  • Adhesive Testing / Recommendation
  • Label Design with Solidworks / CAD (DXF, DWG and STP)
  • Blueprint Creation
  • Prototyping
  • Fixtures
  • In-House Machining
  • Label Application Consultation
  • Barcoding / Variable Print Review

Ensuring Efficiency, Reliability and Repeatability

You come to us for labels that allow your production lines to run quickly and efficiently. That’s why the TLP engineering team has developed a robust process and documentation to deliver precise tolerances and cost savings.

We call it TAP3, short for Tailored Assessment of Production Printed Parts. Our process is a rigorous step-by-step action plan that drives discovery and implementation focused on:

  • Data gathering
  • Plant audits
  • Specification organization
  • Cost reduction project identification
  • Formalized reporting
  • Action

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