Product ID Labels For Equipment & Branding                        

For any of these, attractive product identification labels are an ideal way to ensure that your customers will remember you. Brand labels can be used on a wide variety of products and have numerous benefits, such as tracking products in transit, providing information to your customers, and defining and protecting your brand.

At Tailored Label Products (TLP), our team will work with you to develop branding labels that are optimized for your product and market. Our custom product labels for equipment are durable and can comply with ANSICSA, and UL requirements as needed.

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Product Id Labels: Custom Decals & Branding Labels for Equipment

Our product identification labels are ideal for appliances, outdoor power equipment, and motor vehicles. These labels are well-suited for products that encounter a great deal of wear and tear, as they can be built to withstand exposure to chemicals, water, oil, extreme temperatures, and inclement weather without fading.

Application Capability:
Industrial / Digital Prototyping

  • Testing unusual shapes and materials before making a larger investment
  • Create a production prototype that can be tested in your applications/environment
  • A wide variety of label materials, pressure sensitive foams and die-cut adhesives are available to suit your application

Application Capability:
Product Identification for Equipment &
Harsh Environment Labels

TLP offers harsh environment labels for applications requiring a custom decal for electronics (printed circuit boards & sensors), outdoor labels for equipment, motor vehicles, and so much more!

Our materials are effective and easy to work with, unlike many other specialty materials that offer durability only at the expense of simplicity (no rivets, screws, or fasteners!).

For product labeling, our harsh environment labels can be applied to products with powder-coated paint or textured paint, as well as Low Surface Energy plastics. They can also withstand temperatures ranging from -40° F to 450° F.

Our harsh environment labels are resistant to factors such as:

  • UV light
  • Hydraulic fluid
  • Methyl ethyl ketone
  • Isopropyl alcohol
  • Acetone

Application Capability:
Photo Quality, Durable Custom Decals

At TLP, we understand that each customer has different needs. Our experienced engineers know exactly how to determine the appropriate printing requirements for your application. We offer a variety of different printing types, each with its own unique benefits.


Custom Product Id Labels

Can I customize equipment labels to enhance our brand?

Yes. TLP has both a graphics and engineering team to assist you with creating a solution that fits your needs.

Can TLP color match labels to our brand requirements?

Maintaining color consistency is key to a customer’s brand.  TLP has the capability to color match and verify each run to ensure consistency is maintained, even across different print technologies.  We are trusted with some of the most recognizable brands to carefully maintain their proven image.

If I only need a handful of labels, can TLP handle small quantities?

Small run quantities are the new normal.  Whether you need production ready prototypes or a small custom order, TLP has the latest production technology for short run capabilities.

Can TLP manufacture my label to withstand harsh environments?

Dirty, greasy, and grimy environments are our main focus.  Industrial labels need to withstand harsh environments and last the life of a product without failure. For example, our product identification labels can be seen on outdoor power equipment, automotive, and HVAC products.

Product Id & Brand Labels from TLP

No matter what your product, the experts at Tailored Label Products are ready to help you choose the perfect product labeling solution. Request your quote today to get started.