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VMI Program / Vendor-Managed Inventory

Label Inventory Management with TLP

Having your critical labels and adhesives ready and available is important – especially if you can ensure that without taking too much time and space in your operation.

VMI Program, Inventory Management, Vendor-Managed Inventory

TLP Pick & Ship Inventory Management

That’s why many customers, including some of the country’s largest manufacturers, turn to TLP for EDI-capable inventory management and job fulfillment. With a lean manufacturing model to provide maximum efficiency, we customize a program to meet your objectives and execute flawlessly.

TLP’s VMI Program Offering

Inventory management and job fulfillment programs from TLP give you complete, convenient control through customer-managed inventory and multiple-location shipping of your labels and adhesives.

We provide simple web-based software that includes:

  • Ordering
  • Requisition
  • Acknowledgement
  • Shipping
  • Follow Up


Vendor Managed Inventory

Is there a cost to use a VMI program?

No, there are no added costs for TLP’s VMI program. We typically confirm the inventory program with a formalized stocking agreement with minimum release quantities and forecasting schedules, agreed upon by both parties.

What is the advantage of partnering with TLP for label inventory management?

What is the advantage of partnering with TLP for label inventory management? Depending on usage and ordering quantities, pricing advantages may apply. In addition to better pricing where applicable, lead times can be improved with vendor managed inventory. Partnering with TLP for a VMI program will also allow you to lean your process, running inventory at just in time (JIT) levels knowing that TLP is planning production to your planned output.

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