Protective Masking Film & Labels

Don’t let overspray, scratching or chipping ruin a great product. Protect vehicles and equipment with protective film & high-performance protective masking labels  from TLP.

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TLP engineers will work with your team to design and develop a masking solution for plastics, metals, glass, appliances and graphics. Masks are available in a variety of materials, films, tapes and specialty constructions.

Ideal Markets For Protective Film Include:

  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Electronics
  • Industrial OEM

Application Brief: Automotive Masking Film

Protective Masking  Film Advantages

  • High-temperature resistance
  • Protection for products such as car stereos during production and shipping
  • Can peel away clean before product use

Case Study: Automotive Film Mask

Combatting Environmental Factors in Removability.

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Surface Protection Film, Protective Masking, Protective Film


Protective Film Masking

What type of products use protective masking film?

There are literally thousands of products that need surface protection film to prevent scratching, damage, and contamination that can happen during the manufacturing and shipping process.  Display screens, plastic and metal components, painted parts are all good candidates for masking.  Cars use automotive masking films on surfaces inside and out to protect the vehicle and its components during shipping.

How is the masking provided?

There are two main types of masking.  The most economical way to provide is on a continuous self-wound roll that is perforated so it can be torn off and applied to the part.  The rolls can be any width and have perforations at .125” increments.

Die cut masking is another option.  These masking parts are cut to the shape specified and are usually provided on a roll so they can be auto-applied.  The masking can also be printed with instructions on how to remove.

What type of material is used for protective masking?

There are a wide variety of materials available for surface protection films with different variations of adhesive depending on the final use.  Materials are available for indoor and outdoor exposures along with high temperature applications.  The adhesives are designed to remove clean even up to a year after they are applied.

Do you make paint masks?

We manufacture and provide many options for paint masking.  We have self-wound tapes along with materials that can be cut to shape. They can survive the powder coat paint process and are designed to remove clean even after high heat.  They also work in conjunction with base labels that can be thermal transfer printed and subsequently applied after the print process.   The masking can then be removed exposing a paint free label.

Custom Protective Film Masking from TLP

The team at Tailored Label Products have worked with a variety of manufacturers to custom create masking components to protect their parts and products. Interested in learning more? Reach out to us today.

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