ANSI Warning Labels
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Harsh Environment Labels
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Barcode Labels
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As a custom print converter, TLP has the ability and technical aptitude to produce a variety of labels and die cut solutions.


Beyond our printing and converting technologies, TLP offers a complete portfolio of engineering and quality support.


TLP offers solutions for a variety of industrial markets, including automotive, electrical, and laboratory segments.

Tailored Label Products

TLP is an engineering biased company that manufactures labels and die cut components. Tailored Label Products is so much more than just an off-the-shelf label company and is proud to have a culture built upon continuous improvement, lean manufacturing, and innovation.

  • FOCUS: Engineered Label Solutions.
  • MISSION: Fulfill our Customers’ Needs, Every Time.
  • TLP GUARANTEE: Personal Commitment. Powerful Results.

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IEC 60601-1 Labels, UL Labels
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Barcode Labels
Types of Barcode Labels. How to print barcode labels with success.
Regulatory Labels, UL Labels
Product labeling requirements can be overwhelming and somewhat confusing. Turn to TLP, your regulatory and compliance labeling expert!
Printing Barcode Labels, Preprinted barcode labels, Automotive labeling
Barcode labels preprinted by TLP for traceability initiatives.
Durable Labels, Nameplate Labels, Product Labels
Customized Product Labels with a Distinctive Finish.

Custom Label Manufacturer

As a Wisconsin Manufacturer of the Year award winner and Daimler Master of Quality, Tailored Label Products (TLP) is uniquely qualified to take on your custom label challenges today.

Tailored Label Products specializes in a wide variety of both print and converting technologies, relying on our skilled application engineers to mix and match our abilities to best fit your custom label application.

Engineered Approach

With on-site mechanical and electrical engineers, you can be confident in challenging Tailored Label Products with your most complex product label and die cut adhesive requirements.

Whether you need a high-performance label, an advanced die cut adhesive or a complex prototype, let TLP deliver the engineered advantage, all backed ISO 9001:2015 and IATF (TS) 16949:2016 certified quality management systems and facilities.

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