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TLP’s Options For Custom Lab Labels

Custom Medical Labels

Medical vial labeling projects present exciting application challenges for the TLP team. Specifications for laboratory labels face unique demands such as precise sizing, legibility, durability and increasing information requirements, not to mention FDA compliance.

Specially formulated cryogenic and laboratory labels are engineered to wrap around small vials and withstand extremely cold temperatures.

Highly critical information using variable data can be thermal transfer imprinted on the labels and then automatically applied to the products or vials.

TLP will help you meet your custom cryogenic, laboratory, and FDA compliance label requirements.

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Markets We Serve

Medical Labels – Laboratory & Vial Labels

  • Agricultural
  • Biomedical
  • Biotechnical
  • Forensics
  • Industrial
  • Life Science
  • Medical
  • Molecular Diagnostics
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Research & Development
  • Universities

Medical Equipment Labels Often Include, Cryo Labels & Laboratory Labels

Custom Freezer Labels, Autoclave Labels & Test Tube Labels Are Also Known As Lab Labels

Cold Storage Conditions

  • Cold temp storage at +4˚ C, -20˚ C, -80˚ C, to -196˚ C
  • Dry ice (> -80˚ C)
  • Cryogenic (-196˚ C)


  • ETO
  • Gamma radiation
  • Autoclave

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With over 30 years of experience working side by side with industry leaders in regional hotbeds of research including Madison, Wisconsin, San Diego, California and Boston, Massachusetts, we have perfected the customized labeling solutions to withstand the harshest of biomedical environments and the most complex applications.

Check out the two eBooks linked below or click over to our Resource Center page for the latest in labeling, regulatory and technology news. 

5 Questions for Variable Print

Enabling transparency and security through the supply chain
with verified variable print and barcoded labels.

Labeling Dilemmas

A comprehensive report outlining labeling challenges and potential solutions
for the biomedical, biotechnical and research industries.


Lab Labels / Vial Labels / Cryo Labels

Room temperature label applications can use paper label materials. However, if moisture, cold temperature storage or small diameter tubes are used, a film label material will be your best choice for product identification.

TLP would recommend a thermal transfer printable film label paired with a chemical resistant thermal transfer ribbon that can take chemical exposure without degradation.

Self-laminating clear wrap around labels will work well for small cryo tube identification. For over 30 years, Tailored Label Products has been working with biomedical and life science customers in creating a complete portfolio of material options for the difficult exposures found in cryogenic identification labeling.

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