Custom Barcode Labels &
Serial Number Labels

Custom Labels with Barcode, Preprinted Barcode Labels, QR Code Label, Barcoded Labels, Barcode Labels Preprinted, Custom Barcode Labels, Custom Serial Number Labels, Serial Number Barcode Labels, Pre Printed Asset Tags, Sequential Number Labels, Variable Data Printing, TLP, Tailored Label Products Need custom barcode labels or consecutive numbering on your product labels? Maybe your looking for full-color variable graphic images. For the widest range of variable data printing needs, TLP provides a solution that perfectly matches your application.  We’ll work closely with you to accommodate your choice of custom data, ultimately ensuring the variable inputs integrate seamlessly with the label design. From start to finish, TLP is here to assist.  Our strength lies in providing a solution that is perfectly matched with your application. TLP’s focus is mainly on

  • Automotive and Industrial Track and Trace Labeling
  • Medical Device Regulatory Labeling (UDI and MDR labels, for example)
  • Product Labeling with Lot / Date / Manufacturing Code

What is Variable Data Printing?

Variable Printing versus Static Printing. Traditional print runs involve printing thousands of identical pieces of static (unchanging) content, but Variable Data Print means the content can change for every single one of the copies without the need to stop, slow down, or adjust the press each time.  Variable Data Printing enables mass customization and personalization for custom barcode labels while retaining the cost savings of larger print runs.  Tailored Label Products offers Variable Data Printing services for applications including:

  • Serial Number Labels
  • Custom Barcode Labels
  • Asset Tracking Tags and Labels
  • Work in Process Labels
  • Changing Version / Type Branding Labels
    • And many more

How does TLP Create Custom Barcode Labels, Serial Number Labels & Printed Barcode Labels?

Variable Data Printing Equipment, Processes and More…

TLP utilizes a variety of processes to provide the full range of options in variable printing. From black and white one-dimensional custom barcode labels or serial number labels to fully changing color graphics with unique identifiers, TLP has a print process ready to deploy to meet your needs.  Variable printing processes all begin with our pre-press set up, where art layouts are customized with variable print in mind to feed the next stage of production.  Several details are taken into account when choosing the best print method to meet your variable print needs. Whether it be secondary thermal transfer print, inline inkjet printing, or full digital setups, TLP’s investment in the area of variable data printing equipment enables us production flexibility while meeting the unique needs of your application for custom barcode labels.  Materials and finishing options can be completely customized to your application but options include:

  • Labels, tickets, tags, and cards
  • Rolls, sheets or fan-fold

While we’ve seen a variety of variable inputs, the most common are:

  • Common barcode symbologies and standards
    • One dimensional barcode: UPC, Code 128, GS1 UDI, Code 39, etc. 
    • Two-dimensional barcodes: QR codes, Data Matrix, etc. 
  • Serial Numbers
  • Date and Manufacturing Codes
  • Track and Trace Lot Numbers
    • And more

What gives TLP the edge in the market?

  • Inline Verification. Through our optical character recognition (OCR) equipment, TLP is able to grade each and every variable code that prints inline. A manifest is then output for your regulatory and tracking records.
  • Capital Investments. TLP has a continual focus on capital expenditure in the growing market of variable data printing. From multiple print options outfitted for a variable to OCR on several pieces of equipment, TLP’s variable data printing build-out is truly unique. 
  • Experience. We have hundreds of thousands of variably printed labels and tags in the marketplace… and if we haven’t done it, we have a team of designers and engineers ready to research, design and execute on your vision. 

At Tailored Label Products, we take labeling challenges personally. We’ve made it our mission to fulfill your exacting demands every time through a combination of strong technical capabilities, practical innovation, and relentless focus on you and your application requirements from standard serial number labels with variable data to custom barcode labels . To learn more about our products or to get started on a project, contact us today.