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Reducing Labor Costs through Innovative Label Design

For any manufacturing company, process efficiency is key. Overall throughput drives the business’ bottom line, so when TLP brings on a label partner, we tend to look at so much more than just the label.

The TLP Engineering Team has developed a robust process and documentation to deliver precise tolerances and cost savings. We call it TAP3, short for Tailored Assessment of Production Printed Parts. Our process is a rigorous step-by-step action plan that drives discovery and implementation.

CHALLENGE: Intricate Die Cut, Substantial Labor Time / Cost

2020 brought great changes to the international landscape and with the adversity came manufacturers ready, willing and able to ramp production for the increased need. One such business, a precision components manufacturer, came to TLP needing a die cut component for hospital bed production. Given the rapid increase of demand, throughput was vital to success.

Unique challenges were in the critical specifications of the part, outlined below.

Die Cut Component Requirements:

  • Adhesive part needed to release from the liner easily.
  • The part also needed to have 3 small holes in the interior of the piece so 3 wires could pass through.
  • Finally, the component had 4 notches in the side of the part so that it could fit into the exacting dimensional tolerances.

SOLUTION: Revamped Label Design Minimizes Application Time

Creative design to strict tolerances is something TLP excels at… Keeping the lean principles of manufacturing in mind throughout the process is our specialized skill. TLP application and design engineers worked with tooling design and production to ensure the part was created and cut to the specific needs.

Beyond the part design, the team also reviewed and updated the delivery method for the unique part. Ultimately, a combination of efforts resulted in an 83% reduction in application time, improving throughput and reducing overall labor costs.

We know an industrial decal or die cut adhesive is only one component of your core product offering. With TLP’s TAP3, we ensure efficiency, reliability and repeatability in the total process. 

Tailored Success


Updated design reduced application time from 30 seconds per piece to 5 seconds per piece, an 83% reduction.


Saving 277 hours in production time equates to a savings of $4,167 in annual labor cost.