Tamper Proof Security Labels, Tamper Evident Security Labels, Tamper Resistant Labels


Tamper Proof Security Labels

In today’s market, global supply chains are incredibly complex. With one element impacting another, on a global scale, the smallest variable is sure to shift the fragile dynamic. While manufacturers look to streamline and steady the complex nature, counterfeiters see opportunity.

TLP Provides Both Tamper Resistant Labels & Tamper Evident Security Labels

Tailored Label Products has been working with OEMs for over 30 years in providing brand and product protection. From traditional VOID labels and destructible vinyl labels, to custom destruct patterns and a variety of overt/covert security technologies (RFID, blacklight, etc), TLP engineers will create a custom tamper evident label that works for your application.

CHALLENGE: Counterfeit Parts Impacting the Bottom Line

Rapid growth in the automotive aftermarket industry has opened up the market for illegal gain. Counterfeiters view the exponential growth as opportunity, while OEMs look for creative ways to maintain the integrity of their parts, brand and balance sheet. When a global automotive electronics manufacturer came to TLP for help, the team got to work.

The OEM was in need of a label that was not only to be used as a brand identifier on their automobile sensors, it also needed to serve as security, requiring a tamper feature to prevent fraud. In addition, it has to withstand harsh environments including exposure to gas, oil, road salt and extreme temperature swings and must be able to adhere to a variety of plastics including PETs and PBTs.

SOLUTION: Tamper Evident Security Labels & Tamper Proof Security Labels, Custom Destruct Pattern, Ultra-Aggressive Adhesive

Previously, the manufacturer utilized a standard VOID material stock, however the adhesive could not withstand the harsh application environment. In order to pass all necessary testing requirements, TLP engineers paired a custom developed a destruct pattern, die cut into the label, along with the optimal material selection of an overlaminated polyester stock with an extremely aggressive permanent solvent based acrylic adhesive. This combination not only met the needs of the customer, but exceeded expectations in functionality, both for tamper evidence and survival in harsh environments.

Tailored Label Products has built a niche in the custom creation of label and adhesive constructions. Can’t get your label to withstand your performance requirements? Challenge us!

Tailored Success


TLP developed and designed a custom destruct pattern to be hard tooled into a label featuring an ultra-aggressive adhesive; A product built for maximum security performance.


Along with application experts trained to examine your total application, TLP has both mechanical and electrical engineers on staff to help with any project.