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Using Brushed Chrome Label Materials for a Metallic Look

The durability of a product is tied to the end user’s impression of the brand, many times influenced through the look and durability of the label and product markings. Industrial nameplates have taken on so much more than carrying just the logo and brand marking of the product. The look, feel, and durability communicates the quality of the product and the personality of the brand.

CHALLENGE: Creating a nameplate with a metallic look that offers both flexibility and durability.

One of TLP’s customers wanted the look of a metal nameplate for one of their labels to be used as marking for both plastic and metal housing components. This is a very common industrial look that many companies want to utilize for durability in carrying their branding and critical product information.

There was one main issue of using a metal nameplate in this particular application. The label was to be applied to a very small area that wasn’t entirely flat, allowing for edge lift in certain areas. The aluminum nameplates that are often times used would work here as they are far too rigid and can’t confirm to the contours of the housing unit.

SOLUTION: Custom label construction from the TLP team.

The team at TLP proposed a durable brushed chrome film material for the facestock in this application. The material gives the same appearance of a standard metal nameplate but offers much more conformability to the surface it is applied to.

The construction also used an aggressive adhesive for the label to have a permanent bond while ensuring that there wouldn’t be any lifting on the corners or edges.

Interested in the look of a metal nameplate, but concerned about conformability and cost? Talk to our team today about our durable material options including bright metallics and brushed chrome. Call us today to discuss your custom application.

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