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Heavy Duty Labels For Equipment Require Extreme Durability 

Established specifically as an industrial label provider, Tailored Label Products has long focused on the necessity of warning tags and labels. While some companies rely on cataloged products, many manufacturers have turned to TLP to provide more aggressive, more vibrant, fully customized options for their branded equipment and product lines.

In terms of liability, product warning labels are crucial to both the safety of the end-user and to the integrity of the brand.

CHALLENGE: Extreme Exposure, Critical Safety Information for Industrial Tags

A manufacturer of petroleum plumbing systems and pumps approached TLP with concern. Concern for their team, worry for their end-users and responsibility to the brand. The goal was for an extremely durable, custom caution tag.

Instructional legibility was crucial, vivid printing of their safety orange (PMS 151C) vital, and being able to withstand the harshest of exposures to petroleum products, paramount.

Additionally, tags must be easily applied using zip ties and easy to handle by industrial workers, wearing gloves, in their manufacturing environment.

SOLUTION: Robust Custom Construction, Built to Last

Understanding the critical components of the application led the team at Tailored Label to not only evaluate material options for a custom construction, but also evaluate the optimal print technology for color consistency and ink durability.

The team created a bulletproof tag, flexo printed on 5 mil stock, printed with UV inks and overlaminated to add durability in the harsh application environment. The tag was sturdy enough to enable ease of handling, and tough enough to maintain critical safety information through extreme conditions.

TLP Safety & Warning Products Priority: Guaranteed Legibility & Long-Lasting Durability. 

Tailored Success


Utilizing an ultra-durable, UV flexographic ink, provides the vibrancy and longevity needed for ANSI safety colors, in this case PMS 151C (safety orange).


Creating a higher quality product versus an off the shelf tag, provides peace of mind for the manufacturer knowing the tag was built and tested to perform at a higher level than the norm.