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Durable Nameplate Labels

In the world of consumer products, a striking shelf presence can make or break a brand. When it comes to industrial consumer goods, the product identification not only needs to jump off the shelf, it must communicate the durability of a quality workhorse.

Premium packaging design conveys a premium quality product; and each element influences how the product is perceived by today’s busy/multi-tasking shopper.

CHALLENGE: Textured finish for functionality AND aesthetic

When a power tool manufacturer came to TLP with a special-order request for their new product line, our team jumped on the project. The request for full color print with metallic elements, paired with polycarbonate overlaminate and a textured finish was a challenging ask, but by no means impossible.

As the primary nameplate for the product line, the label had to be striking in appearance while durable enough to withstand chemicals and abrasion.

SOLUTION: Custom-engineered, multi-technology proprietary processing

As a custom print converter with the full gamut of print technologies, TLP has the ability to mix and match materials and print methods to achieve specific results. Engineering, estimating, art and manufacturing partnered with key vendors to design a robust (non-traditional) process to create the specialized label. From digital printing on a silver film to screen printed varnish, each step was engineered to create a one-of-a-kind branding design.

The end result was a proprietary technique that creates a full color graphic with a textured aesthetic that meets TLP’s internal design and quality standards for durability.

TLP’s unique engineering methodology, transparency and team approach to problem solving resulted in a truly unique branded decal. TLP thrives on projects that seem impossible. Contact us to discuss your prototypes and creative design packaging ideas today!

Tailored Success


A unique product label design leads to customer engagement in a crowded marketplace.


Textured surface helps customers in product functionality, resulting in brand loyalty and trust.