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Cost Reduction Using Large Format Digital Printing For UL Certified Labels

Required Certification For The UL Approved Label

To maintain compliance, manufacturers need more than just a regular label supplier. Since 1985 TLP has been an Underwriters Laboratories (UL) certified provider of high-performance regulatory, warning and schematic labels. In addition, TLP is the only label supplier that serves on the UL Technical Standard Panel. Our experience and expertise shows. 

CHALLENGE: Large Format Digital Printing, Schematic, UL Approved Label

When a boiler manufacturer came with a challenge of producing a 13” x 23” UL 969 label of a schematic print, TLP had to custom develop the answer. Due to the large size and UL requirements, this part had previously been very costly to produce. The size, colors and technical requirements hindered traditional press efficiencies in either flexo printing or digital printing, ultimately driving the per piece price over budget.

SOLUTION: UL Certified Labels Using Our Hybrid Press

Given our focus on continuous improvement, one of TLP’s newest presses could be the perfect solution. The engineering and development team got to work obtaining the necessary testing to certify the hybrid press to the UL testing requirements. By utilizing both digital and flexo print technologies, all in one pass, we were able to remove costly setup time and plate fees from the process. Additionally, higher press speeds and wider web widths allowed us to capitalize on the cost savings found through drastic improvement in press efficiencies. TLP’s market-leading hybrid press, now certified to run UL 969 label constructions, ultimately generated a substantial 62% savings.

Investing in the future with new equipment and new capabilities is just one of the ways TLP delivers for their customers.

Tailored Success


Speed and production efficiencies reduce lead times from weeks to days.


Production efficiencies also result in lower piece price, in this case a 62% savings.