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Lens / Surface Protection Film
for Automotive Labels

For over 30 years, Tailored Label Products has been working with a variety of companies serving the automotive industry. From tier suppliers to automotive OEMs, TLP is a trusted resource and print partner skilled in the unique challenges found in the market. Experience and reliability all backed by the IATF16949 designation for quality system management.


Withstand Environmental Tests, Maintain Removability and Legibility

A long-time customer and automotive plastics manufacturer and supplier, contacted TLP with a new, challenging application. The specification requested a label to be used as a removable lens protect for a display screen in a car.

Three challenges with the application:

  • The label has to apply with minimal bubbling underneath and be rigid enough to handle and apply.
  • The label has to go through three different aging tests and still remove clean without leaving any residue or have any premature lifting (ambient heat age, humidity and environmental cycle).
  • The printing on the label must remain legible.


Custom Construction Tested for Success

TLP’s adhesive experts are trained to look at the application from the ground up, customizing each component to ensure functionality. By partnering with our raw material vendors, a customized construction was created and tested for approval as the new lens protect part. The resulting product is a 2 mil clear film with an ultra long-term removable adhesive. The base material is overlaminated to protect instruction graphics with a 1 mil clear overlaminate.

In order to guarantee functionality, the TLP team utilizes our in-house testing lab for quantitative results that will support an engineering built and a buying decision.

Tailored Success

100% CUSTOM.

Custom material construction built to meet unique environmental demands.

100% PROVEN.

Quantitative lab results proving product performance.