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ANSI Label Kits Reduce Complexity &
Maintain Regulatory Compliance

Safety Label Solutions Provided for the ANSI Label to Ensure End-User Safety

Safety Label Solutions:

A simple search for safety labels can result in a host of internet options for your warning decals. However, it’s important to exercise caution in signing on with your print partner. Understanding regulatory needs, maintaining color consistency and looking to lean YOUR process are all benefits of working with a reputable converter, like TLP. An authorized, regulatory print partner, known for quality and compliance in a crowded marketplace.

CHALLENGE: Customized Builds, Variety of Custom Warning Labels

A manufacturer of off-road recreational vehicles came to TLP in need of ANSI safety and warning labels for their product line. The application required outdoor durable labels built to withstand exposure to outdoor elements, including UV, heat, cold. Labels must meet ANSI safety label standards for color as well as being scratch, scuff and UV resistant.

The variety of off-road vehicles produced within their product line also posed a bit of a unique challenge. Each car requires a variety of different labels, totaling 13 for each of 10 different car models. Each vehicle has labels that are unique to that model.

SOLUTION: Digital Label Kits Simplify Warning Label Purchase and Application

TLP suggested kit labels produced in our digital department.  These digitally printed labels are computer generated so the copy can be unique to each model or part number. Each of the 10 different car models is tied to their own, unique kit of labels.

To ensure survival in the outdoor environment while maintaining regulatory legibility, we opted to print on a 3.5 mil outdoor durable vinyl, finishing with a clear overlaminate for ultimate protection.

By producing on a kit the customer has ease of ordering just one part number as well as making sure that no label is missed during production / application with all supplied on one, single sheet that can travel with the bill of materials / BOM paperwork.

Custom design of regulatory kits is just one way that TLP works with industrial customers on their compliance labeling. 

Tailored Success


Improve efficiency and ordering simplicity by incorporating multiple labels into a single layout.


Warning labels required! Ensure they are placed appropriately if the label kit is empty at the end of the build.