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UL Recognized , UL Warning Labels , Pump LabelsMenomonee Falls, WI – Tailored Label Products (TLP) is a Supplier Your Resource For UL Recognized Label Components & UL Warning Labels – File #MH 14382, MH16736, and PDGQ2.  TLP has a wide variety of high performance label combinations that are certified to withstand the rigorous testing completed by Underwriters Laboratory  (UL) ensuring your product identification for public safety.

Underwriters Laboratories (UL) is an independent, 3rd party product safety certification organization that has been testing products and writing standards for safety for over a century.

UL Recognized Label Testing

A UL recognized label is considered to be components of the product usually containing safety-related information such as warning, caution, installation or use instruction or electrical rating.  UL warning labels are exposed to the same rigorous testing as your product; the label must survive during normal use of the product, as well as extreme environmental conditions.

Tailored Label Product’s UL recognized labels can be pre-printed with the safety information or the consumer can print their own labels that are UL Recognized when using the correct base material and thermal transfer ribbon from TLP.

TLP has the UL industry knowledge and expertise to provide UL recognized label components.  An in-house staff works directly with the UL team to ensure label quality and performance that meets or exceeds the UL requirements.

Market Industries For UL Warning Labels

Tailored Label Products (TLP) is a manufacturer of custom high performance labels and die cut adhesives designed around the demands of the end use application.  Market industries include:  industrial, electronics and outdoor power equipment, medical and biotech industries as well as point of purchase.  Contact TLP for more information by giving our team a call at 800.727.1344.

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