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One doesn’t get rated consistently among the top 10 businesses in Southeastern Wisconsin without thriving on challenge. In a global industry oversaturated by companies who perform the very same manufacturing services (and indeed, oftentimes perform them well), it is absolutely crucial that one be able to distinguish one’s products and services over one’s competitors, and that’s just what we’ve done here at TLP. Other labeling companies will simply manufacture labels for various industries: North America contains approximately 300 such companies. Fine and good… but when all is set and settled, the level of engineering-rich intelligence we possess at TLP positions us high above any other competitor – and that’s not any overstatement.

TLP’s Approach To The Custom Label

Engineering Solutions, Custom Label

Engineering Solutions

Our customers see us as a think-tank as much as a manufacturer. Having as many engineers on staff as we do lets us delve into the details of an assignment like no other North American label-maker is capable of. The results speak for themselves: we don’t lose customers. While it may be the case that particular products come and go (on account of the product growing obsolete, for example), our customers have always been satisfied with the thoroughness and swiftness by which we fulfill their immediate needs. We build products and solutions that stay their course. All of this can be attributed directly to our intelligent engineering approach to labeling.

In fact, we see ourselves somewhat as a life insurance provider for our customers. Clients in automotive, aerospace, appliances, industrial equipment, and other fields seem to concur that the skill-set we bring to each assignment constitutes a guarantee – an annuity if you will – that the solution we come up with will be definitive, innovative, and long-lasting.

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