SolidWorks Software – Specialty Labels & Product Prototypes

SolidWorks is a 3-D modeling CAD software system that TLP frequently uses us make things easier for our engineering customers. Many of our more technical custom adhesives, specialty labels & labeling projects benefit from sophisticated modeling techniques.

3D CAD model of a TLP Gasket Die Cut Adhesive, Specialty Labels, Custom Adhesives, Product Prototypes, Custom Adhesive

Specialty Labels , Custom Adhesives

Custom Adhesives & Specialty Labels

As an example, TLP may be preparing a product to be placed on a gasket that has a layer of adhesive, a layer of foam as a protectant, another layer of adhesive, an under-liner and then a release layer. That can be difficult to show in 2-D, but Solidworks allows us to accurately show and model each layer.

In addition, SolidWorks software allows TLP engineers to be more creative and innovative during the design process, trying different design concepts before they are produced, which can significantly accelerate the design process and reduce costs.

Product Prototypes

The CAD models let the engineers that we supply part to, to test those parts in simulated real-world conditions to be sure the design is correct before the product is built.

“Since many of our items are auto applied, having precise measurements is crucial to ensure that the production line flows smoothly and there are no jams or mis-feeds. Each layer is clearly seen and modeled, as well as the thickness of each layer, so specific items can be adjusted before being manufactured,” says Jim Brown, a Senior Manufacturing Engineer at TLP.

“The 3D modeling & prototyping capability enhances the relationship we have with many customers as they can view their projects in a new way,” says Jim. “We see this as the future in many manufacturing applications, so we are working to stay ahead of the curve.”

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