Extreme High Temperature Labels

A Heat Resistant Label Built for Extremes

Is your label performance falling short in the wave solder environment or in high-temperature applications?

Most of Tailored Label Products’ customers have very unique label applications. Catering to this market provides TLP with the knowledge and expertise in engineering specialty labels, especially for harsh environments.

For TLP, the definition of “harsh environment” can be quite broad. From extreme temperatures, both blistering hot and bitterly cold, to applications that require chemical and UV resistance, Tailored Label can create a label or die cut construction to meet your needs.

Polyimide Labels

High Temperature Labels, Polyimide Labels, Heat Resistant Label, High Temp LabelsHigh Temperature Labels Used In Manufacturing

Looking for a unique labeling solution to withstand wave solder and high temperature spikes up to 750°F (398°C)?

TLP has the solution for high temperature labels — 2 new options are available of 1 and 2 mil polyimide films for printed circuit boards, automotive and electronic labeling applications, among a variety of alternate material options.

Polyimide labels are ideal when your labels are exposed to the wave solder environment in the manufacturing process of printed circuit boards and high-temperature applications up to 750°F (398°C).

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