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As anyone knows from reading up on today’s American economy, small businesses – in particular small- to mid-sized manufacturers – constitute a whopping 50% of all private sector workers, comprise 97% of all American exporters, and contribute a staggering number, trillions, of dollars to the overall GDP of the United States. Among the foremost of these small-business job incubators and profit generators are manufacturing facilities, located the width and breadth of America’s territory. In honor of the hard-working men and women in the manufacturing sector who are spearheading America’s (eventual but inevitable) comeback from out of worldwide recession, we at Tailored Label Products wanted to salute the greatest workforce on the planet by demonstrating what we can contribute – in terms of labeling – to their continued success.

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Labels For Small Business

So… what exactly can we bring to your small business in terms of labeling? For starters, we are longstanding experts in the fine art of digital prototyping. Being a mid-sized, successful business ourselves, our engineers, press operators, and company staff understand that the process of researching, designing, and testing out the “right” labeling can be a time-consuming, even frustrating process. We, 100%, “get” the struggle for detail-oriented perfectionism and precision that is the hallmark of successful small businesses – and we’re more than willing to produce short-order runs of both prototypes and products, which allows for a company to “test-drive” their label and see if it meets the “right fit, form, and function” for their specific purposes before they invest too heavily in production.

Though others might neglect or not take seriously the needs of small businesses, don’t count us among their number! Our ISO 9001:2008 certified designers, engineers, and press operators are on perpetual standby to ensure your company gets the label performance it needs – howsoever sophisticated the requirements – and in the timeframe that’s required. Take a look at our website or call us today to see how we can support your small business or manufacturing facility.

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