Harsh Environment Labels from TLP: You Name It, We Resist It

It’s become the de facto slogan of the United States Postal Service: “Neither snow, nor rain, nor heat, nor gloom of night can keep these carriers from their appointed rounds.” Of course that slogan doesn’t take into account all the stray neighborhood dogs that have been the bane of the post office’s existence since time immemorial. But even so, the slogan’s a good starting point in describing what our harsh environment and high temperature labels at TLP are capable of doing: withstanding pretty much everything – German shepherd included. Whether it might be dirt, oil, UV rays, chemicals, or temperatures you’re aiming for your labels to withstand, TLP can – and will – engineer them for you.

Our handiwork has an almost endless variety of applications. For high-tech industries like cryogenic or biomedical labs, where heat, cold, and chemical-resistance are oftentimes the capabilities sought after, we can fabricate labels for storage units and compartments that would otherwise melt, crack, or corrode beneath the pressure. Likewise, for more middle-of-the-road industries such as automotive or machine manufacturing, we have labels that can resist and overcome all the gas splashes, oil drippings, bumps, dings, and scratches that accrue on any piece of industrial hardware overtime. When there’s the issue of long-term legibility to consider, we make smudge- and smear-resistant labels that will stand all tribulation. Finally, we can engineer labels according to sizing both large and small (for example, we produce labels for the biomed industry that conform around an exceptionally tiny diameter and are then stored within an extremely cold environment as well as exceptionally large thermal die cut parts placed on the sides of global mining crushing equipment).

We are the Postal Service and Pony Express of the label-making world. No oil, hydrochloric acid, forklift accident, or cryogenic freeze will keep our labels from performing their appointed applications. Learn more now. 

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