On-Site Health & Wellness Clinic a Win-Win for Tailored Label Products

Tailored Label Products Company WellnessTailored Label Products’ newest employee perk offers on-site, accessible and affordable health care. The clinic opened on June 21, 2021 at their Menomonee Falls headquarters and has since had a steady flow of visitors throughout the traditionally slow summer months. Kicking off with over 30 participants for a blood pressure screening, the clinic provides a variety of offerings to employees.

“It’s very exciting to be able to offer our employees this new benefit! Our time and our health are two of the most precious things we have. This clinic is a small step towards assisting our employees with both of these,” said Jeff Kerlin, President and CEO of TLP.

The nurse practitioner is on-site once per week for a four-hour window. Employees can make appointments via an online booking portal or directly with the nurse. When not involved in private appointments, our onsite NP will conduct ergonomic assessments in an effort to reduce work-related injuries while providing a safe and healthy work environment.

While employee health is the primary focus, there is also great benefit to the company.

According to the Harvard Business Review, “A positive environment will lead to dramatic benefits for employers, employees, and the bottom line.”

Nicole Richard, Director of Human Resources, stated, “In a market where an employee needs to stand out above others, the opening of our health and wellness clinic will afford us that opportunity. Not many employers our size can provide such a robust offering and it demonstrates how much we value our employees.”

“The employment market is tough right now and the monetary demands from candidates are high. It’s easy for employers to succumb to that pressure. However, we are taking a different approach and investing in our employees to preserve retention and enhance employee engagement. I don’t think anything can speak louder to employees than when you invest in their health and wellbeing.”

And this sentiment appears to be very accurate. In the same HBR article, the author stated that “employees prefer workplace wellbeing to material benefits.” Positive health and wellbeing will trickle to a lower stress level and a more engaged and effective workforce. That truly is a WIN-WIN.

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