6 Things You Can Do to Retain High-Performing Team Members

As the economy continues to improve, and their top talent has been established, what can companies do to keep their best workers engaged and producing at a high level for customers? With leading industry talent in high demand, retention rates become exceedingly important. At TLP we work hard on cultivating longer-term loyalty with our high performance team members. Here are some tips to help keep your best performers:

  1. Demonstrate Passion
    To retain the best employees, you should demonstrate a passion for the business. This seems inherent, but by projecting your passion for the work you do, and working to inspire others with your energy, the likelihood of your employees picking up on and absorbing that passion is high.
  2. Show Positive Recognition
    Sincere and routine recognition can go a long way with employees. Keep your eye out for exemplary work and be sure to acknowledge their efforts while showing appreciation of extra effort and smarts on your team. Others on the team will recognize that, and follow suit.
  3. Identify Weak Spots
    Being responsible for the performance of other employees, you may eventually have to deal with a person who isn’t living up to the high standards that have been set. While it’s an uncomfortable position, you’re much better off giving the employee feedback on his/her performance, and identifying areas of improvement, rather than letting the company suffer with weak performance. The best like working with the best.
  4. Listen Often, Listen Well
    Leaders who listen are able to create trustworthy relationships that are transparent and breed loyalty. Every insight is worth hearing in order to more effectively inspire professional development and overall performance.
  5. Demonstrate Clear Communication
    Clearly communicating expectations is a key factor in any business environment. Being able to articulate exactly what needs to be done, when it needs to be done and by whom will give your employees the resources they need to complete any given task.
  6. Coach the Best
    Be an advisor to your employees, let them know that your time with them is valuable, and mentor them in a way that helps build and maintain their personal culture of innovation. By giving them your time and knowledge, you’re helping them facilitate opportunities for professional development.
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  1. Matthew A Clough
    Matthew A Clough says:

    Just a comment regarding these tips regarding higher performing workers. I agree with, and attempt to achieve most of these 6 tips on a daily basis as a production supervisor. Sadly, and more often than not I am silenced or overruled when attempting to enact these types of measures. These tips surround what are the best case scenario for both worker and company and are easily attainable if communicated direct and consistent by supervision, as well as to have employee’s to be willing to conform to what is needed for both parties Once again, thanks for these tips, they let me know that I am not alone in my train of thought.

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