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Jeff Kerlin, Panel Participant at Manufacturing Matters 2020

Have you registered for Manufacturing Matters 2020? This year’s theme, is Focus and Go and the day-long event on Thursday, February 27th will be filled with a variety of breakout sessions, networking opportunities and keynotes all in celebration of Wisconsin-based manufacturing. Knowing that we all have busy days, WMEP has jam-packed the day with six different break-out tracks so that each attendee can tailor the conference to their specific needs. During the breaks, chat with peers, take in a variety of exhibit booths and network with different suppliers and service providers that have sponsored the event.

As a long-time supporter and sponsor of the event, TLP will be on-site in both presenter and attendee. Finding value in the agenda of the event, several team members from TLP’s team will be in attendance, learning and networking along with our fellow manufacturers.

In addition, Jeff Kerlin, TLP’s President & CEO, will be presenting as a panelist for Growth with a Focus:

While technical expertise and an innovative drive propel TLP to the forefront of manufacturing, it’s our keen focus on the <em>right</em> customer that really sets us apart, something that Jeff drives day in and day out. Jeff and the team at TLP live by a “qualify fast” mindset in building quality partnerships with their portfolio of customers. Knowing that they are not a one size fits all label shop, Jeff and his team have continually honed their practice of prospecting, engaging and retaining customers. Knowing the exact makeup of their ideal fit for a customer is paramount. Defining the key characteristics, and sticking to them, while nurturing leads and growing current business is a constant strategic focus.

Focus & Go with TLP by registering now: https://www.wmep.org/events/manufacturing-matters-conference/