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Business Resolutions for 2021

The start of a new year brings with it the annual tradition of resolution setting at a personal level. Always popular are the goals to better oneself at the start of a new year through a variety of avenues (health, financial fitness, etc.).

But what about solution setting for your business “self”?

Sure, we close our calendar year with strategic sessions and budgeting but in the same essence of personal betterment, business resolutions should improve upon the business identity or corporate culture and the people and community involved with and supporting your organization.

2020 proved to us that the strength of our culture and our team is everything. As we look to 2021, our business resolutions continue to evolve and grow but focusing on a strong culture and a strong team is paramount. We will increasingly come alongside our teammates with compassionate flexibility and implement creative ways to help each other balance family and work. From new technology investments that will make our jobs easier, to increased cross training throughout the company that will provide more opportunity for flexibility and “load leveling”. Obviously, all of this comes with the expectation that we must continually give our customers products and services at a level they won’t find elsewhere.

We will also be ever more resolute towards having a positive impact on our community. From a stepped-up partnership with the American Heart Association to increasing the frequency of our company wide food drives to help support our local food pantries.

To that end, our “resolution” is to continually get better at Touching Peoples’ Lives. We will always intensely focus on our customers with an uncompromised emphasis on our team. And we’ll always focus on being a positive force in our community.

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