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3 Keys to Employee Engagement in Uncertain Times

By Jeff Kerlin, President & CEO & Nicole Richard, Director of Human Resources

TLP’s Keys to Employee Engagement

Have you seen the quote floating around your social network, “Pay attention to how companies treat their employees during this time. It speaks volumes to their core ethics.”

Getting and keeping employees engaged and connected during normal times is challenging. These days, when our teams are stressed, scared and weary, it can be even more challenging. I’ll argue, it can also be a bit easier. People want something to believe in and something to rally around. Keeping each other safe, and keeping the company that supports all the associated families viable, is a cause that most people can grab on to.

Using our core values and our company ethics, as a guide, here are three things that TLP is doing to weather the storm.

Keeping Employees Engaged at TLP:

  1. Reigniting continuous improvement initiatives: Using these slower times to tackle projects and training we’ve been putting off can make our companies and employees stronger, create a bond between team members, and better prepare us for the road ahead.
  2. Maintaining internal and external communication and transparency: Regularly checking in with our team members / customers / vendors and asking them how they and their families are doing is powerful. They want to know we care about them and that our company will be OK.
  3. Employee Engagement, Tailored Label Products

    TLP Employees Enjoy a Summer Treat!

    Don’t forget the FUN: In the midst of all of this, I believe it’s important to have fun as well.This week, I’ve been recording myself telling quick “Dad joke” videos and sending them out to the whole company. We also have theme days for work attire. Sweats day, Tie Dye day, etc… It’s corny stuff but I believe our folks appreciate the effort and the intent.

We want our employees, customers and vendors to remember, after all this has passed, the stability and support they felt within the work environment at TLP and within their relationship with TLP.

Our goal for our company, and for others, can’t be simply to survive. We should aim to thrive, coming out of this nightmare stronger than we were before it came.

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