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Tailored Label Products
Engineering at Work

TLP is an engineering biased company that manufactures labels and die cut components. Our focus is engineered solutions. Our mission is to fulfill our customers’ exacting label needs, every time.

TLP is proud to have a culture built upon continuous improvement, lean manufacturing, and innovation. Challenge us with your most complex label requirements and let TLP deliver the engineered advantage.

TLP President, Jeff Kerlin
Featured Panelist

Is there still time to catch TLP President & CEO, Jeff Kerlin participate as a panelist for Growth with a Focus? Be sure to drop in on the breakout session from 12:35pm – 1:40pm if you can!

During the session you will hear from the panelists how their companies focused on ideal customers / markets and drove profitable growth.

Caught the breakout and interested in getting an overview of Jeff’s key strategic points for focused growth? Click below to be sent an overview of his presentation notes. 

TLP Sneak Peak Video

Interested in a quick look inside out TLP headquarters? Click on the 1 minute video below.

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