UL Labels & UL Labeling Requirements

What is the UL in UL Labels?

UL stands for Underwriters Laboratories. Underwriters Laboratories has been testing the safety of a range of products for more than 100 years. UL is an independent, third-party testing organization and provides certification of the safety of consumer products. The general mark for UL labels is easily recognizable—the letter “L” staggered slightly below the letter “U” with the ® trademark below it, and a circle enclosing these letters and trademark symbol.

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UL Labeling Requirements:

UL certification and assurance of accurate marking is extensive, including:

  • General certification and marketing
  • In and out of scope marketing
  • Mark color and artwork regulation
  • Promotional badges
  • Marking variations
  • Performance verified marks 
  • Materials used

These are just a few of nearly 20 different sets of guidelines to ensure customers that a product is legitimate. 


UL Approved Labels

What is a UL-969 label?

Labeling materials that have been tested and certified by UL to conform to the UL-969 Standard are a cut above the rest. These materials are specifically designed to ensure that important safety information for your product is resistant to wear, time, and removal.

Why do I need a UL recognized label?

UL strictly regulates many types of products worldwide. In most cases, your product’s UL recognition will require proper identification; with a label material construction that ensures permanence of important markings. Your product’s UL Guide Info will help you determine the type of label that is best for you.

Why do I need a UL Authorized Label Supplier?

When your product is required to bear the UL mark on any of its labels; the use of an Authorized Label Supplier will ensure that your supply chain conforms to UL’s regulatory requirements for use of the UL mark.

Can I print additional information on my UL labels?

Yes, you can do so by using one of TLP’s many UL-compliant label constructions that are recognized for use with secondary printing. Depending on the construction, TLP can ensure that your product is identified with the most up-to-date information.

What if my UL product is also sold in Canada?

Many of TLP’s UL recognized label constructions are recognized for both the US and Canada. These labels undergo additional testing to CSA Standard C22.2 No. 0.15-15.

What if I want to put a UL Mark on the box that holds my product?

This type of label generally needs to be printed by an UL Authorized Label Supplier. However, your package label will generally have different requirements than your product label. It is important to check with UL regarding packaging requirements specific to your product.

PGJ12 Label Listing & UL 969 Labels …

The listings can be confusing, count on someone with extensive experience. Count on TLP.

TLP has been an authorized and certified supplier of UL labels for over 30 years*. Our in-house engineering team works directly with the UL team to ensure label quality and performance that meets or exceeds the UL requirements… Not to mention, we’re on the forefront of changes as the only label supplier on UL Standard Technical Panel.

We have a wide variety of high performance label combinations, using a variety of print methods, that are certified to withstand the rigorous testing completed by Underwriters Laboratory (UL).

Tailored Label Product’s UL labels can be pre-printed with the safety information or the consumer can print their own labels that are UL Recognized when using the correct base material and thermal transfer ribbon from TLP.

TLP has the UL industry knowledge and expertise to provide your UL labels. Reach out to our knowledgeable team on your UL needs and we’ll be sure to deliver!

*File # PGAA, PGDQ2/8-MH14382, PGIS2.MH27978, PGJI2/8.MH16736