CSA Labels – CSA Approved Labels

What is a CSA Certified Label?

Another system for safety standards labeling is the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) Group. CSA Group includes two divisions: Standards Development and Testing, Inspection, and Certification. CSA has testing labs across the globe engaged in product testing for compliance with applicable safety and performance requirements. The most common CSA logo is the letters “SA” inside of an elongated letter “C”. Like UL, they closely regulate the various label designs associated with their safety inspection services. The parameters of label integrity for marketing purposes are clearly defined by CSA as well.

Application Samples of CSA Certified / CSA Approved Labels

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CSA Labels

What is a CSA Certified Label Construction?

These label materials have been tested and verified by CSA to its standard C22.2 No. 0.15 15. Much like UL’s 969, these label materials are designed to ensure that important safety information for your product is resistant to wear, time, and removal.

Why do I need a CSA Recognized label?

If your product has been tested by CSA to its applicable standards, there is a strong chance that a CSA label is required. This may include the CSA logo, and will help ensure that users can safely and confidently use your product for its intended purposes. In many cases, your product’s CSA requirements will help determine the type of label needed.

Can I print additional information on my CSA label?

Yes, you can do so by using one of TLP’s CSA compliant label constructions that are recognized for use with secondary Thermal Transfer printing. With these labels, a wide variety of additional information can be printed on the same day that they are applied to the product.