UL Labels Engineered for Performance in Harsh Environment Applications

Our labels are used in a variety of applications. From outdoor power equipment to scratch-off labels, we can customize our products to suit whatever the customer requests. Amidst the “green” initiatives in the country, a few of our clients requested products tailored to their eco-conscious products. For some, it’s not just about the idea of being eco-conscious—it’s about making “green” products, such as solar panels, and we’re more than happy to oblige.

Regardless of where in the U.S. solar panels are used, companies must adhere to safety standards, electrical codes, and fire codes, which must be displayed on their product. In a previous blog post, we broke own the various safety labels and their meanings for you. All products in the energy industry (light bulbs, lamps, motors) require a degree of certification. While the solar panels themselves have a strict degree of certification, our labels must pass and earn a UL969 certification.

The UL certification is one of the most prestigious and important markings to earn, and there are strict requirements of the product. Not only does the UL969 certification cover label adhesives, but it branches into unprinted materials, inks, and overlamentations. Typically, these labels have a bright red background with white text and must withstand any environmental elements. In this particular usage, many outside vendors prefer the wording to be engraved—but still visible and durable.

For more information on our safety labels and other products, head over to our website.

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