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Ensuring Traceability in Auto Manufacturing: Three Pointers for Success

Categories: Automotive, Blog, Labels, TS16949

Traceability in the automotive industry is becoming increasingly important – and with good reason since it impacts a manufacturer’s ability to succeed in a globally linked economy that is connected by a sophisticated and highly complex supply chain. Moreover, manufacturers that adopt the right approach to traceability stand to benefit by gaining the ability to […]


6 Traits of a Productive, Innovative Culture and How to Build One

Categories: Blog

We’ve discussed before how to develop high-performing teams that foster a culture of innovation and lead to a productive workforce which produces value for your customers. But how do you actually attract the best people to work for you? It’s all about the culture. In this post, we’ll explore six traits of a high-performing culture. […]


5 Keys to Attract, Retain and Develop a High-Performing Team

Categories: Blog

It is said that each person will have seven different jobs in their lifetime. How many will be with your company? In this series of blog posts, we’ll discuss what it takes to develop a high-performing team and foster a culture of innovation that leads to producing great products for your customers. Every great business […]


What Are GHS Labels? Inside the Globally Harmonized System of Classification

Categories: Blog, GHS, Labels, Standards

The Globally Harmonized System (GHS) of the Classification and Labeling of Chemicals is an international standard designed to ensure that the dangers of handling hazardous chemicals are understood by all participants in their manufacture, transportation, usage, and disposal. According to the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), the GHS labeling system is “a logical […]