Medical & Laboratory Labels

Medical vial labeling presents exciting application challenges, including precise sizing, legibility, durability and increasing information requirements, not to mention FDA compliance.

Cryogenic & Sterile Laboratory Labels

Specially formulated cryogenic labels are engineered to wrap around small vials and withstand extremely cold temperatures.

GHS LabelsHighly critical information using variable data can be thermal transfer imprinted on the labels and then automatically applied to the products or vials.

TLP will help you meet your custom cryogenic, laboratory, and FDA compliance label requirements.

Simplifying the Chain of Custody Process

Maintaining the integrity of the chain of custody process is complicated, especially when the contents of a medical product or vial need to be tested.

TLP’s dual label verification system allows a lab technician to remove the first layer of the label, while a duplicate label remains on the vial or product.

In addition, specific information regarding each sample can be printed onto each label. With effective duplication of tracking information, the chain of custody will never be disrupted.

Proven Applications

    • Sterilization
      • ETO
      • Gamma radiation
      • Autoclave
    • Cold storage conditions
      • Cold temp storage at +4˚ C, -20˚ C, -80˚ C, to -196˚ C
      • Dry ice (> -80˚ C)
      • Cryogenic (-196˚ C)
      • Industrial
  • Kit box
  • Slides

Ideal for Markets Including:

  • Biomedical
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Forensics
  • Agricultural
  • Industrial

  • Medical
  • Biotech
  • Life sciences
  • Research & development
  • Universities