Die Cut Adhesives &
Adhesive Bonding Solutions

Die cutting and adhesive bonding solutions provide you with precise parts that can be used to identify components, bond materials or protect parts and accessories.

Die Cut Adhesives & Adhesive Bonding Solutions

Turn to TLP for specialized expertise that ensure the best results, working with sandpaper, Lexan®, single-coated or double-sided foam tapes, as well as many other industrial and medical tapes, transfer adhesives, high and low temperature adhesives and gasketing materials.

Advantages for Your Process and Application

  • Tension dispersed along the length of bond instead of concentrated in several places (as with rivets or screws)
  • Ability to expand and contract in heat and cold, instead of becoming brittle like rivets and welds
  • Clean, sleek appearance
  • Perfect for use in automated assembly

Ideal for Markets Including:

  • Tier 1 Automotive (ISO/TS 16949 certified)
  • Aerospace