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Adhesive Bonding Solutions

Our experience with die cutting and bonding solutions provides you with precise parts that can be used to identify components, bond materials or protect parts and accessories. We work with materials like sandpaper, Lexan®, single-coated foam and double-sided foam tapes, as well as many other industrial and medical tapes, transfer adhesives, high and low temperature adhesives and gasketing materials.

The benefit of using die cut adhesive labels or die cuts rather than rivets or screws is that the tension is dispersed along the length of bond and not concentrated in several places. The die-cut adhesive gives a clean, sleek appearance. In addition, the die cuts expand and contract in heat and cold, and do not become brittle like rivets and welds.

One of the many bonding solutions we offer includes 3M™ VHB™ tape for its remarkable properties.

3M™ VHB™ Tape Makes Mechanical Fasteners Obsolete

3M™ VHB™ tape can join similar and dissimilar materials, like plastic and metal, glass and metal, aluminum and steel, and more, easily and tightly. It makes rivets, screws and welds unnecessary. For instance, 3M® VHB® tape holds more than 9,600 pounds of mirrored ceiling at an international air terminal. The bond resists weathering and compensates for differing coefficients of thermal expansion. This means that if you bond plastic and metal, both surfaces expand and contract with the temperature, but not the same way at the same speed. Even with the uneven contraction, the adhesive label tape keeps the surfaces sealed together.

The 3M tape also disperses pressure along the entire length of the seam, unlike a rivet or joint where the stress is concentrated in certain points. It also prevents galvanic corrosion between metals, which is typically caused when two metals come in contact. The uses for this tape are endless because it can be die-cut into virtually any shape.

The tape provides a moisture seal as well as a smooth, clean surface for greater graphic impact.

If you are unsure whether our die cut adhesive bonding solutions will work for you, please contact us. We can create a bonding solution that will meet your unique needs.

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